What Is Help To Buy Scheme Ireland

What is Help To Buy Scheme Ireland?

The Help to Buy (HTB) Scheme is an initiative by the Irish government to make it easier for first-time buyers of residential property to save money. It is designed to provide people with the chance to purchase a home by giving them access to finance, aided by the government. The scheme could make property purchases more affordable by raising loan-to-value (LTV) limits and reducing the cost of borrowing.

The Help to Buy scheme was introduced in October 2019 and is open to all individuals who are seeking to purchase their first property in Ireland. Potential applicants must be over 18 years of age and resident in Ireland. HTB provides financial support for the purchase of a dwelling for the purpose of residential occupation. The scheme is available for all properties up to the value of €500,000.

Under the scheme, the government provides a maximum of 5% of the cost of the property, up to a maximum amount of €20,000. This is a grant that is not repayable by the recipient. Additionally, participants in the scheme are eligible for a Rebated Stamp Duty, which is a reduction of the applicable stamp duty rates for first-time purchasers of residential property.

The Help To Buy scheme has been designed to give buyers extra support when it comes to securing the funds needed to purchase a home. It should help individuals who are struggling to get a deposit together by providing them with a government grant and the possibility of reduced stamp duty costs.

The scheme should also boost lending and revive the housing market, as those who wouldn’t have been able to buy a property previously will now be able to thanks to this scheme.

Benefits of the Help To Buy Scheme Ireland

The benefits of the HTB scheme are numerous. It could make financial sense as it could bring down the amount of the deposit required for a house purchase. Qualifying purchasers of a new home will benefit from a maximum rebate of 5% of the cost of the property (up to a value of €20,000). The rebate also applies to existing properties purchased for primary residence which are in need of substantial renovation.

In addition to these there are stamp duty benefits for first-time buyers of residential property. These include a four-year 1% reduction for houses purchased in bands “A” to “C” and a three-year 2% reduction for houses purchased in band “D”. The scheme should also encourage new home building, giving a much-needed boost to the Irish housing market.

Qualifying individuals should be able to save a lot of money when making their first property purchase, making the process much more affordable. The level of financial support received, including the rebate, stamp duty discounts, and other allowances, should help reduce the financial burden associated with getting on the property ladder.

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